Welcome to The Bay View. I use this blog mainly as a catalog of the fiction I’ve written, essays, videos, and a couple of poems.

I may occasionally post a note a here in this space. “Protected” work is work currently submitted for publication. If you’d like to read a protected piece, drop me a line. I’ll send you the password.

Recent posts are posts of fiction, poetry, or essays, and Scott Family Aural Histories are available (haven’t sorted how to get them in the sidebar menu yet).

10 January 2019

Wow. I do not keep this blog up. But I just posted a story so had to mess with it. We’re back from vacation in Costa Rica and Panama and I’m reading a monster tome on the Canal, The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal, 1870–1914

04 April 2016

I just finished my first AWP conference and found it invigorating. I attended two or three sessions a day and except the first evening spent lots of time with writers I’d met in the past and writers I was only meeting (in person) for the first time. Beyond that, I had dinner at a favorite brew pub in Glendale, a favorite Mexican place down town, and with my LA sons.

23 January 2016

My story “Beer Money” is appearing in the Spring 2016 issue of Olentangy Review publishing on March 20.

In addition, you can hear an audio rendition here.

06 March 2015

  • Rwanda Suite: “Cabaret La Prospérité” appeared in The Miscreant a couple of days ago.
  • A story called “Wild Man” concerning “Big Foot” will appear in Insomnia and Obsession later in the spring.

13 February 2015

I’ll add links to these new publications once the stories appear.:

  • “Rwanda Suite: Cabaret La Prospérité” will appear in The Miscreant (thanks Amanda Harris).
  • “Rwanda Suite: Gasoline” will appear in Digging Through the Fat (thanks Gessy Alvarez).

I have lots of travel coming up in the next few months: Austin for SxSW (where I hope to see my cousin Elena and pals Jose and Melynda), Washington DC for a couple of days, and in April, Paris, France, Europe for almost a week

02 January 2015

I’ve had a few publications since the last update:

Over the past few months I’ve been able to meet, in person, some of my favorite writers including Carol Reid, Jane Hammons, Bud Smith, James Duncan, Gary Powell, Gary Hardaway, Joni Reese, Gessy Alvarez, and Michael Dickes.

Update on the Giant Thermometer. It’s up and running again in Baker California, home of Alien Jerky and gateway to Death Valley.

07 August 2014

“These Confidences” appeared in Literary Orphans, Issue 12 Swift: Ireland and The Irish, edited by my friend, the writer James Claffey. Inclusion here was a great honor.

07 February 2014

“Ballad of the Giant Thermometer” is appearing now in the Mojave River Review. I was happy this one found a home. Meth heads, fundies, the Bar X Rancho, and the Giant Thermometer itself. I always liked this story.

18 January 2014

My reading of “Daddy Walked the Pits,” is part of Michael Dickes fabulous Awkword Papercut Podcast.

Clown Car,” appeared recently in Mad Swirl. And “Ballad of the Giant Thermometer” is set for the debut of The Mojave River Review.

11 November 2013

I love this, Vonnegut’s definition of humanism. “Being a humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead.”

02 July 2013

Cobalt Review published my story “Tragedy and Wreck” in its Summer 2013 issue.

01 June 2013

I’m listing recent publications here. The following stories appear in Connotation Press, alone with video of the stories.

“French Piss”
“Maitre d'”
“Red Can’t Even Grab a Starbucks”

And in Blue Fifth Review, you’ll find:

“Rwanda Suite: Camionette”

24 April 2013

Check out  Have Made It – a Short Film by Matt Dennison & Michael Dickes

22 April 2013

A Cam Chris w Photo

Oracle’s Lambda Employees Explain How “It Gets Better”

This was an “It Gets Better” project made in collaboration with Oracle Diversity and Oracle’s Lambda organizaiton. Here’s the official blurb.

Oracle lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender employees recount personal experiences in recognition of at risk gay youth. Oracle is proud to support the “It Gets Better” project in its struggle to end the bullying of LGBT youth.
Oh, I produced this, made the graphic design, and did the content cut.

12 March 2013

I did spend several days in Austin for South by Southwest. Since I was working I didn’t get much chance to attend talks or films or music. I had a couple good meals.

24 February 2013

A trip to South by Southwest may be in the works; in any case it appears I’ll be off to Austin again in a couple of weeks… my first trip back since my cousin’s death… my cousin from Austin.

05 February 2013

Everyday, when dealing with marketing speak, I must stop to ask… this

31 January 2013

I returned yesterday from a fabulous “It Gets Better” shoot in New York with an Ironbound Films crew.

Working with my San Francisco based crew, from Shooting Star Video, who shot “It Gets Better” video for me in Redwood Shores, the Ironbound crew effectively simulated the “look” we made at Oracle Studios.

Again the interviews were powerful and eloquent. The Diversity Team at Oracle, and Oracle Facilities on Park Avenue in New York get big congratulations too for a great job.

Here’s a still from the Redwood Shores Shoot.

A Cam Chris w Photo

26 January 2013

“Extract(s) Daily Dose of lit” will publish “Jimmy’s Glass Eye” in a print anthology in time for AWP Boston, March 2013.

18 January 2013

Ah… Everything updated so that fiction and essays appear in the order in which they were written (more or less).

15 January 2013

Birthday day. Started with a flat, but otherwise a good enough day. I share the birthday day with Dr. King and M. Molière (whose tomb I can find in Père Lachaise).

13 January 2013

Wow, this blog was really a mess. I began the clean up process yesterday. It’s not a proper blog though because I’m using Posts only for fiction, not for other kinds of updates. Facebook’s fine for that though.

12 January 2013

This morning I received an acceptance for my short story “Rwanda Suite: Camionette.” Blue Fifth will be publishing it in Spring 2013. Also, this Spring, “Tragedy and Wreck” will be appearing in Cobalt. I’m very please to be chosen as part of these publications.

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