Scott Family Aural Histories – Audio

Statesville NC City Hall

My mother in law, Mrs. Kordella Jolivet (ne Scott), tells us stories about her family and growing up in Statesville, North Carolina. While I recovered from hip replacement surgery in early 2011, she helped  us out at home, and I took the opportunity to record some of the Scott family stories.

  • Hospitals “Mr. Mangum was a mortician, and he was also a very effective leader; he was head of the NAACP so he started this (hospital) drive. There wasn’t a lot of money, but people would give and they wool have all kinds of fund raisers and everything, and they raised quite a bit of money.”
  • Louis “Louis grew up in an area called Rabbit Town and that was an area that had the most dilapidated and run down homes. Some of the homes didn’t even have… had dirt floors in them.”
  • United House of Prayer for All People “Louis’s grandmother became very ill. Some of the people told her that if she took some of the newspaper’s that Daddy Grace printed and boiled them and drank the water off them that she would get well.” Click here for United House of Prayer video.
    Sweet Daddy Grace
  • Daddy “When Daddy cooked, he just went all out. He’d put on his white apron and he had this tall chef’s hat, and he’d just go all out and put a nice nice meal on the table even if it were just lunch.”
  • Aunt Nine “Aunt Nine was the first hippie I ever new. She dressed strangely with long dresses and she wore her hair natural which was so irritating to my grandmother.”
  • Brother Bill “She had a gun, and her gun went off and shot Bill in the leg… I think it began as a flesh wound…”

  • Cashmere “I went back, and I chose two sweater sets, one lavender and the other was sort of a light green, a lime green…”
  • Mr. Sammy “As we grew older, we kept asking our parents if Mr. Sammy were, ah white…”
  • Little Tice “Little Tice was an alcoholic and would get sloppy drunk and he would get out in the middle of the street and rant and rave.”
  • Gunsmoke

  • Big Tice “Will Tice was a mean mean man, and Little Tice took so much abuse from him… My mother and those said he came to Statesville on the chain gang.”

  • Mrs. Daugherty’s Nursing Home “I have a gentleman who worked for me for years, and I want to see that he gets good care.”
  • Healing Hands “Mrs. Fannie Schrrill lived in our neighborhood… One of he things they said she could do was, she could talk the fire out of burns.”

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