Brazil – Guarujá

The Atlantic is wild practically under my window today. We had storms here in Guarujá, São Paulo yesterday. Probably a quarter mile offshore is a large flat rock, just barely above the level of the sea. The Atlantic is crashing up over it very dramatically today.

Brazil’s a bit shocking in that is is SOOOOOO expensive. Dinner for my internal client and I, the first night here, ran to around $200, and although it was good, you’d be looking at maybe $100 at home.

Tomorrow I have a day off and my video crew has invited me to ride with them to Paraty, north of São Paulo, and east again on the cost. It’s an old colonial town that should have some interesting architecture.

The Argentine crew are virtual crazy men… so this should be a bit of fun. Someone’s friend or cousin has a hotel there, so we should have wonderful treatment. I’ll be there tomorrow night and probably start back to the airport for São Paulo early afternoon Friday. I’m a bit worried about the transport back, but the hotel should be able to fix me up with a reliable driver.

Wild Atlantic at Guarujá


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