When the Witness Calls

Jezu Witness BW Brdr

Here they come, those witnesses.

They climb the steps with their literature.
I always answer the door.

I like seeing their kids all dressed up.
Love me those spic and span families.

They start in, but I interrupt.
I am not as polite as the witnesses are.

I just say, I don’t have time.
Sometimes I tell them, I’m an atheist.

The witnesses always keep calm.
They go away nicely and don’t talk about me.

I suppose they must pray for me, me and my soul.
But I don’t care one way or the other.

I really am an atheist.

One Comment on “When the Witness Calls”

  1. Carl Santoro says:

    Steven, I just recently had several visits from the same witnesses. I finally asked for their personal e-mail and gave them a lesson on just how being a vegan can be its own religion. One of reverence for life. They responded with Biblical quotes referencing the directives on meat eating and animal sacrificing. An electronic dialogue is still going on. I love it this way. Not on my front step, but on my monitor screen. Luckily, the group I have been in touch with can carry on an engaging correspondence.
    I think I might be a Deist at this point after having been raised a Catholic. I am 67.

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