I wanted Scooter to dress in matching shirts… even just this one last time.

Once he’d grown big… taller than I am tall, and had started college, I’d borrow his summer clothes; I’d just go to his closet and take a polo and hide it. When he returned to school in the Fall, I’d break it out and wear it.

His grandmother bought most of them… her way of helping out. She’d taught high school and had an eyeball for kids’ fashion. But no crazy stuff, nothing of the trifling… I liked her taste, and he did too… ever since he was little.

Long ago, I’d concocted Scooter a story about the Lacoste crocodile: I said that before their subjects stopped paying attention, back when they were “civilizing” Africa and Indochine, the French had forced colonized children to wear the crocodile tag. I taught Scooter to repeat after me, oui monsieur, oui.

When he finally caught me wearing one of those polos, he told my mother-in-law, who, bless her heart, started buying two shirts at a time whenever she could find them… at outlet malls, or Bloomie’s, or Penny’s… one for Scooter and one for me.

That’s how we came to have the matches in the first place. I never thought about it until Scooter finally graduated and came home to live while he looked for work. That’s when I started to notice the twins in the laundry and when I started to be sure they were clean at the same time.

I’d seen him in one of them one day and teased that I should wear mine too. He said don’t you dare, but I changed anyway. He’d played video games and talked with friends for an hour before he finally noticed and peeled his shirt off. The noticing had taken a long time.

He soon banned me from matching… He didn’t want anyone to see his Dad in the top he was wearing. But I suggested he humor me; let me get a picture of us in twin shirts. But he’d had enough, wasn’t an infant, and said no… NO, that I’d carried this too far.

Well, he’s asleep right now… really asleep; I’ve seen him in naps since he was a baby. So I’ll just drape one of his over him and dress in mine myself.

It won’t wake him, but I’ll take the other side of the bed, there’s still room, because I’m tired now too. We’ll rest well, the both of us. Oui monsieur, oui.

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