The Author

Steven Gowin is a writer and corporate video producer in San Francisco. Gowin is a graduate of the Iowa Writer’s Workshop.

The author grew up in Van Meter, Iowa, hometown of The Van Meter Heater, Bob Feller. Gowin studied Cinema at the University of Iowa and continued to graduate school at the Writers’ Workshop.

Having completed an MFA, he joined the Peace Corps training in Bukavu, Kivu, Congo then posting at the University of Rwanda, where he taught English and American literature.

On returning to the States, he moved to San Francisco, worked in a high school, taught college English, became a tech writer, and eventually a video producer.

His work has taken him to Europe numerous times, all over the United States, Asia, Mexico, Canada, and South America. The author is married with three children, one a USC Cinematic Arts graduate, the second an architecture student at USC and the third in high school in San Francisco.

After a long hiatus from writing, Gowin began work again in Fall 2010 and has been writing and publishing since.

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  1. fantastic blog btw. I “like” it.

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