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I Wander the Pits

On a recent trip to Los Angeles, we met this poor orphaned youth. We bought the boy a pickle sandwich, and he related his pathetic tale.

Spencer’s Visit to IFLY

CARE and Oracle: Technology for Guatemalan Youth

Normally I won’t include video shot for work on this site. This piece is an exception, however. I shot this with my Las Vegas based Spanish speaking DP, Jesus Velazquez, in 2007, I believe.

The piece was shot in Guatemala near Chichicastenango. We worked with CARE Guatemala staff including Quiche (Mayan) people from the region.

The marimba music is local. We hired a couple kids to play us a few tunes, and recorded the antique marimba music in the patio of the Hotel Santo Tomas where we stayed during the shoot.

Snake Gun

Steven Gowin

Why Do the Heathen Rage

Steven Gowin

Aku Torment

Steven Gowin

Kimono Models and Ogon Batto

Steven Gowin

Kent Feeds Grain Bins Near Pella Iowa

Steven Gowin

Stop Meth

Steven Gowin

Vote Republican

Steven Gowin

Peeing Place West of Barstow

Steven Gowin


This piece came by way of a Robert Pope FaceBook post. This is remarkable stuff.

Dustin Grella

Making Pasta Puttanesca

Spence put this together as part of a package for School of the Arts admittance. We’ll it didn’t work; he didn’t get accepted, but we had a hell of a good time making it.

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